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One Topic. Three Playlists. YOU decide who’s best.

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One topic. Three playlists. YOU decide who’s best!

Playlist Wars offers a fresh take on music commentary, pitting one mainstream music fan (co-host Alex Gomez) against one full-blown music fanatic (co-host Brian Colburn) along with one special guest. Every episode is focused on an artist, band or theme, with each person creating an individual 10-song playlist that they feel best represents the topic. Listeners then vote to decide which panel member “got it right.”

Brian Colburn (left) is a 20+ year radio & podcasting veteran, with a deep passion for music and music trivia. Brian is a musician (performing with the band Colburn & Co. since 2008) as well as an avid CD collector. Brian’s musical preferences are all over the map, and he is the one who’ll likely be dropping a few deeper album-cuts or rare B-sides into his playlists. 

Alex Gomez (right), while new to podcasting, has been best friends with Brian for over 25 years, and brings a different perspective on music to the podcast. While his music preferences might be considered more mainstream (especially when compared to Brian), he brings an extensive knowledge of pop-culture, movies, wrestling and video games to the table, and usually finds a way to weave one of them into every one of his playlist selections. 

Guests of the show include musicians (Billy Joel Band’s Liberty DeVitto, Bowling For Soup’s Rob Felicetti, G. Love, Tantric’s Jon Loree, and Blacktop Mojo’s Matt James, just to name a few), fellow podcasters, and friends of the show. 

Let the battle begin! 👊🏼

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